Briyani hut in little India?

Read in a forum (slow loading) that one of the best Briyani can be found at BRIYANI HUT @circular road (Lt India).And was told that its money back guarantee?!! If u dont feel satisfied, u can ask for refund…(eh, true or not, are u pulling my legs?) . Will investigate, insya-Allah.

Missed that place so much…I used to live in that area. Everything is within walking distance.The place is always bustling with life…especially at night! Can never go hungry, so many food , so much varieties… and shopping is cheap…Can see fireworks too! *sigh…I’m living a life of a nomad but in Singapore. Today, I might be staying in the east, next few months probably west..then next year maybe central…How bout Sentosa or Kusu island for a change? Hmm…

Anyway, if u intend to visit Little India, click this to view what Little India has in store for you…(there are indian recipes too!) or if u want to walk down memory lane with me, click here!

(p.s: Now,If I were to go there , I will want to rush doing my errands cos too many people, just want to get out.. but if I live there, i like to take my time and basked in the ambiance…enjoying the bustling moments and do some “people-watching”..And especially the FOOD …I can never cover all the HALAL eateries there! Too many… *sigh)

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