Boston Pizza becoming HALAL?

I saw this BOSTON PIZZA on the net and called up to query…

First I asked ” Are U halal?”

Then I asked again “So when did u receive ur HALAL certificate?”
Answer:Have not received yet”…

So another pizza delivery to look out for… the future, insya-Allah.YIPEE!

More info, click here for MENU,here for other info..

I wonder their pizza is like the ones we often see in movies, thinly crusted pizza, but HUGE…with tons of cheese…Hmm…

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2 thoughts on “Boston Pizza becoming HALAL?”

  1. Boston Pizza's in Mississauga have been Halal for a while, Great Sports Bar, and Halal Chicken, what could be better. It's always been packed with Muslims anyways, but now we can enjoy their meat 😀

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