Zingdo Korean food

updated: January 2009
“Unfortunately Zingdo is closed due to major renovation at Jurong Entertainment Centre. But we wiill be back with a spanky new location. Visit this site and watch out for new update!” quoted from here

Jurong East Entertainment Centre
2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609 731
Tel: 6562 1339 Fax: 6425 4338
(Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm)

This place seems like a yuppie teens hangout. With its bright orangey deco and nearby amenities like cinemas and skating rink adds more customers every hour thus it’s always full of chattering teens, kids and young adults.

This kid was posing for my camera without me knowing.

After I placed my order, a group of teens came in for dinner. One of them noticed me in my headdress thus commented to his friends.”This place , halal, meh?” they sat right behind me. Thus my eyes scan around and found no one in muslimah’s headdress. In fact, I saw no Malays at all. Only Chinesehehee! I felt a tiny weenie pride blossoming since my presence exudes some kind of “halal” authority figure or u can say a Halal icon/mascot hheeheh!

Anyway, the menu prices are similar to Ramen Ten about $7-9 per main meal. So I thought the servings would be small but I was WRONG! It was HUGE!! I think the servings are for 2-3 persons.Very good value for money! Can share2!

The hot bean paste is very mild, not hot at all.
I like these fried mushroom.Very crispy almost tasted like fries!

This is tanghoon/glass noodles in kimchi.It’s spiciness is burning my lips! I had to wait till it cooled down then I can taste the kimchi noodles and broth. There are about 5 shell-less prawns, 2 mussels and 2 crab meat stick.Not bad but I prefer eating kimchi on its own. Probably with rice like some sort of pickled achar.

I like the tender bulgogi beef. It was sizzling when serveed on a hotplate.The waitress will ask u”Do u want me to stir fry for u?” I said yes and she did that for about 5mins. Goes well with the rice. Even the vegetables tasted good, the sweetness oozes out as it was being stir-fried. The sourish red soup given is mild, nothing special.

I LOVE this chicken dumpling soup. Its thick eggy gravy is yummy! Plus enoki mushroom, glutinuos rice cakes (similar to chinese ones),some sort of cucumber slices and meaty chicken balls! My favourite!

This Korean dessert is similar to ice kacang but the base of its shredded ice uses very milky type of condensed milk. The toppings are mango, aloe Vera, red bean paste, sesame mochi,red cherry,ripple ice cream. Yummy! for 2-4 people.

Overall: I love the food! Love the presentation and its unique cutlery. Love the vibrant atmosphere!

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  1. i was over at jurong but i cannot locate this Zingdo. understand they had shifted.

    i only know from the web site only Malaysia & Indonesia had Zingdo but not singapore.

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