Where is the No.1 soup tulang stall?

Sakinah Railway family restaurant
KTM railway station
Tanjong Pagar
Opens till late night/morning

A recent friend of mine (ah-chye) has this craving for soup tulang. Yeah, that mutton bones in reddish gravy where u soak bread/baguette into it and not forgetting the sum-sum (bone marrow), u must suck it out!

Had been disappointed by the beach road stalls a few times.So, I have been searching for new places to try…Found this forum(founded by one of this blog regular visitor).It’s called –
Makan mana forum in facebook…

Under KTM topic, M Razali Yusoff (thks!)actually suggested trying out the soup tulang. He said that it is similar to chili crab gravy, thick..

And so i did…
I declare that this has got to be my number 1 soup tulang!!Beach road also kalah!(lose). It’s a bit different than typical tulang. Thicker gravy with fleshier meatier bones even for the smallest serving-$6.

So what are you waiting for..
warning: got to wait for 20-30mins because its very popular. And its addictive!

p.s: Their mutton soup is good too! To know where is it, click here…

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1 thought on “Where is the No.1 soup tulang stall?”

  1. This is definitely my favourite too!!!! but sadly, i've just visited this place just recently last week having to hear that the owner is no longer there 🙁

    that means no more my bestest soup tulang! how disappointed i am.

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