Thai seafood in Danok part 2

Omar restaurant @ the border of danok town

This coffeeshop looked like those found in the early days of Singapore. So its a rare sight. As for the food, it speaks for itself .For sure, it exceed my expectations.

This menu needs to be rotated but got some problem with it. So if u want to view closer, just click on the image.The menu is in malay and thai.

This ulam/raw salad is free. It comes together with every meal u ordered.

This has got to be the best tom yam ever tasted. The taste is more sourish than spicy. In S’pore, often we get very spicy tom yam that burns our tongue thus we cannot really taste the soup.But this is good! The nearest tom yam i can think of in singapore to this is the one that sells crab bee hoon at woodlands. The soup is really flavourful with all the seafood inside and best of all is that there are baby lobsters in it.Boy, were they generous with the servings!

Kangkong-love this!

Sotong salad/kerabu-very crunchy fresh salad with soft tender sotong and its very fragrant!(with slices of lemon grass, coriander and others)

Steamed fish in asam is very good! Sourish tender fresh steam fish.Melts in the mouth.

Paprik beef-okeylah, not bad. dont know what to make out of this.Tasted like soya sauce.meat a bit chewy.Very different than the paprik cooked in S’pore.

All the food is marvelicious (except the beep paprik which i do not know how to rate it)! Yummy! Total cost is RM50 or 500baht.Very cheap. Food served is medium size.Actually no need to order vegetables also can because there seems to be a mini salad in every dish.Even the soup has lots of vegetables.Very healthy lifestyle.

What i noticed is that Thais love to add fragrant leaves and spices to all its dishes such as coriander leaves, lemon grass, galangal , lime leaves and lots more even for simple dish such as salad. That is why some said Thais have no BO (body odour). Is it true? hmm…..

Okey with a full tummy, we walk around again..feasting our eyes…

Public transport. No sign of “tuk-tuk” probably need to go to bangkok to experience one.

The nearest hotel to the border.

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