Steak and lots more

Nowhere to go ? How ’bout treating ur family to a well-deserved steak during this one week holidays?

EATZI steakhouse and bistro
(related to Jack’s place)

SAFRA Yishun
60 Yishun Ave 4 Singapore 769027
Tel: 6852 8270 / 6756 2118

EastPoint Mall
3 Simei St 6 #03-14 Singapore 528833
Tel: 6786 6388

Catering hotline: 6858 0111
Bakery hotline: 6287 6298

I think this garlic bread comes together with the fish and chips.Not bad.

Fish and chips is good. But cannot beat Mad jack’s…

This spaghetti is ok. Nothing special to me. I expected more or perhaps, I was “deceived” by the depth of its bowl. I thought it was deep but the bowl was very shallow thus it wasn’t much. I think for $10+ it’s not worth it…Better choose other meatier options.

This is my favourite Chef’s special steak. Have tasted other steak in the menu but this is the best! Very moist and juicy but the best of all, it is tenderliciously GOOD! Their baked potato with lots of sour cream and chicken bacon bits is an icing to the cake.

This is one big slice of thick heavy cheese cake. I like….

Don’t forget to try their many varieties of mouth-watering cakes for dessert.U can see them being displayed at the entrance.

Er…this is the bill. Once in awhile is ok but if often ,it can burnt a hole in the pocket..hehe!

Overall review: Often, I will leave EATZI with a happy tummy with my once-in-awhile treat from EATZI. But there is a word of caution though, try to avoid coming in during or nearing their closing time 9.30pm….the food standard will drop (probably cos their minds are already set on going home)

Anyway, these are their main course menu:
Steakhouse favourites
Chef’s Special Steak
Rendang Steak
Black Pepper Steak
Sambal Steak
N.Z. T-Bone Steak
N.Z. Ribeye Steak
N.Z. Lamb Chops
Mixed Grill
Steak & Chicken Combo
Salmon & Chicken
Crayfish & Chicken Combo
Lamb Chop & Fish

Bistro Favourites
Braised Lamb Shank
Spring Chicken
Grilled Boneless Chicken
Roast Chicken
Black Pepper Crayfish Pasta
Green Shell Mussel Pasta
Chicken Prawn Laksa Pasta
Beef Bolognese Pasta
Spaghetti Carbonara
Chicken & Mushroom Pizza
Vegetarian Pizza
Baked Chicken & Mushroom Rice
Baked Fish in Rice
Baked Beef Lasagne

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