Paris..ooh la la..

This is one of the most romantic city I’ve been…everywhere i looked, it spell L-O-V-E…oohh…

This is where i learnt some simple words like Merci or “messy-buku” (thank u very much), soldes(SALE!), Bonjour madame/monsieur….the rest are finger pointings and hand gestures…and definitely lots of smiles..

This is the train station to Eiffel tower

This is the train (MRT)ticket. Very small (probably quarter)as compared to our EZlink card.

Bakeries and lots of bakeries ooh lala!

The Eiffel tower

We were here very early morning before the sun was up.There was no one…ZERO. Then we went elsewhere for a while and suddenly….a very,very,very long Queue is already formed. ARGH! Had to wait for about 30-45mins.But the view is definitely worth it!

The admission ticket

Wow!What a view!

note: In Paris, its a bit difficult to get HALAL food(ages ago, now maybe different) Probably much further up. But we saw many KEBAB stalls. My mind normally associate kebab with HALAL! The image of turkish man grilling the kebab meat is always the symbol for kebab in my mind.But was dispapointed, most kebab vendors are not muslims thus when asked about HALAL, they are puzzled. Could be greek…

Anyway, did find a few muslim surinamse shop that sells great baguette sandwiches. And I love FRENCH hot cocoa, so chocolatey thick and yummy! Great for a cold day!

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2 thoughts on “Paris..ooh la la..”

  1. Putri, if you are still in Paris, you've gotta visit the Grand Mosque.
    It's beautiful!!! Once you enter, the peace and serenity just overwhelms and we were filled with awe..
    there's a hamam, a little souk and a restaurant there too, n the food's absolutely delicious, great ambience…we had a lovely afternoon there last December..
    Hope you enjoy Paris as much as we did..

  2. There are shops with the halal signs but you still need to ask. We did. So they told us that certain food were halal and certain food were not halal although they were all displayed together. So we settled for baguette and nutella…haiz

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