Oishi Pizza

Oishi Pizza
Operating Hours

Tuesday – Sunday
11am – 8pm
(Closed on Mondays, except Public Holidays)

Dine-in outlets

215P Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6554 4575

10 Jalan Serene #02-12
Serene Centre
Tel: 6466 4233

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What better way to enjoy these rainy days than 2 hot piping pizzas delivered right at your doorstep?! So pick up that phone now!!!

i did…I bought the promotion one>>Buy 1 and get 1 free. I bought the teriyaki beef and unagi with country greens regular piece for only $22.90.Can feed 3-4persons.

Unagi with country greens pizza

Beef teriyaki pizza

The beef teriyaki is nice. Its very flavourful with peppery taste. Might be “hot” for kids.

After I devoured 2 slices of pizza, I noticed that there is 2 small packets of chilli flakes and a packet of mixture of dry seaweed shredded and chicken/fish flakes that are normally found on takopachi balls. So I add them. Wow! It enriches the flavour even more!

VERDICT: Definitely in LOVE with OISHI pizza! If u love japanese food, u will love this too! What i love is that not only does it comes on time, 45mins…It came with hot piping pizzas felt like just came out of the oven…not “warm pizza” delivered like pizza hut or other pizza delivery.When i ordered this, it was raining bad and the ordered was not late. I was happy. And no delivery surcharge. But sad to say, they deliver to certain limited areas and mine is one of the lucky ones.

As for the pizzas, they are bursting with flavours!They are quite generous with the ingredients. Other than the fishy, seaweedy flavours in the unagi pizza, there is also mayonaise added as sauce base to the pizza. May not sound yummy but it tasted good alright! I love both the teriyaki and especially the Unagi pizza. Very juicy unagi (eel) and anchovies all over the pizza. No need ketchup, chilli sauce or any other “add-ons”.I am very satisfied with their pizza and service. Love it!

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4 thoughts on “Oishi Pizza”

  1. Kak Putri…

    Try the chicken teriyaki from Oishi…nice!!!!

    Oh ya, i have tried the toast bread from Sedap Corner at Simpang Bedok (same row as Mad Jack)..
    U have gotta try some…the dip cames in diff flavours-jackfruit/durian and my fav are vanilla and chocolate…
    yummy 🙂


  2. hello,

    i am deniz,from turkey.i want to ask that, is teriyaki halal?
    i learn to make teriyaki from an alcohol drink and soya sauce.but i like teriyaki so much.

    thanks for answer right now.

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