MUIS Halal Quality Management System

Starting 1 March 2008, all new applicants have to adopt HalMQ to qualify for the Muis Halal certification….


The Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis) announced during the Halal Industry Update Seminar, held on 12 November 2007, on a new initiative to boost the credibility of its Halal certification mark internationally. Known as the Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ), this systems based and proactive approach towards achieving Halal certification will be implemented in Muis Halal-certified premises starting 1 March 2008.

The 10 principles of HalMQ are benchmarked against internationally known standards such as ISO and HACCP. In formulating the concept of HalMQ, Muis worked closely with its Halal Standards Committee, in collaboration with the Standards, Productivity and Innovative Board of Singapore (SPRING Singapore). This rigorous process involved several rounds of intense discussions and gathering of useful feedback from the public, Halal certifying bodies, government agencies and educational institutions worldwide. In 2007, Muis conducted several focus group discussions with its strategic partners, trade organisations and Halal certificate holders to further understand the industry’s needs in ensuring a smooth HalMQ implementation process.


1) Enhance Halal compliance through a more structured and systematic approach
2) Increase competitive advantage of certified companies
3) Further increase credibility of Singapore Halal certification
4) Meet rising expectation of Muslim consumers
5) Widen international recognition of Singapore Halal certification

Implementation Plans

Starting 1 March 2008, all new applicants have to adopt HalMQ to qualify for the Muis Halal certification.

Companies/premises which hold valid Muis Halal certificates anytime before 1 March 2008 will be required to adopt HalMQ from 1 January 2010 onwards. They are however advised to implement HalMQ as soon as they are ready.

More Information

For more information on HalMQ, you may:

1) Purchase online the Singapore Muis Halal Standards for a detailed explanation on the principles of HalMQ
2) Enrol for the Muis Halal training programme
3) Read the brochure on HalMQ
4) Sign up for our Halal engagement series

Contact us for further details. (Excerpts from here)

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