Love at first sight!

Wondering what does “Jemma el-Fena” (famous night market) has to offer? Want to know more about morrocan food? Click here!! (description+pics)

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1 thought on “Love at first sight!”

  1. Salam! i chanced upon your blog while looking for "hei sushi" and, your blog is so interesting and informative! so i decided to read some of your previous entries, and came across this post.

    i just came back from Morocco about 3 weeks ago, and watching those vids made me realise how much i miss the country. MashaAllah, it is very beautiful and the food there is very delicious and authentic Moroccan. The Djemaa El Fna is a real feast for the senses. and, they even sold sheep's heads! haha i didn't try that though… =)

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