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updated: June 08
Hi All!
In a months time, I will be closing this forum due to me going back to school full-time for a year or 2. Thus won’t have much time to manage this forum. But I intend to collaborate with so, please give them your full support. The owner of this site together with some friends had fork out own money and pails of sweat to create this forum. So please give them your full support and participate actively. It’s like a HALAL kopitiam. All are welcome!(irregardless of race, religion and age)

Also, thank you for all ur contributions and participation in this forum. Another good news: Alhamdulillah .Thanks to everyone, Putri’s blog has been featured in one of the best selling HALAL food and drink magazine. Jazakallah. So take care! And have a YUMMILICIOUS day!

Hi all,
Well, after many sleepless nights and months of hard decision making, I decided to give in..I decided to join facebook and start a discussion forum on my own! (was requested in many occasions after I removed the chat box of this blog)

I do not know whether i had the time to check every now and then. But I want it to be a global HALAL discussion forum where anyone or everyone can post queries/topics and others can join in the forum. Same like and makanmana forum in facebook with a little difference.

Anyway,though it maybe troublesome (because u need to register first before u can post), I find that in the long run, it would be good. Communication and getting to know more people of the same interest will be one of the goals. Sharing and caring about HALAL food is another.

Whatever it is, just hope that everyone will be civilised and practise courtesy in this group. No vulgarities or mean negative words will be tolerated. Open to all, regardless of race or religion and irregardless of where u are in the world,if u got any yummilicious HALAL food recommendations or anything related to HALAL food, do it HERE! Together let us spread to the world ..the LOVE of HALAL food, from the heart…


p.s:Still am a newbie at this so pardon my shortcomings..

So what are you waiting for? Join me!!! Click HERE!!!

Note: U are responsible for ur own postings . This is for trial if somehow it becomes “defunct” will be removed eventually..

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4 thoughts on “Join my quest for halal food…”

  1. The HALAL collagen that I’ve seen are soy collagen and marine collagen in Malaysia herbal shops with HALAL logo on it. Maybe u can try the herbal shops at Joo chiat complex or Tg Katong shopping centre, perhaps they also have it. Another one, u can check with or call 62754123, they have a lustre skin tablet of marine collagen. Not sure whether they are HALAL certified though Hope this helps!

  2. hye, just wanna give some ideas to u for halal restaurant. do try out
    1)CAVANA @ causeway point/white sands
    3)18 CHEF @ Eastpoint
    4)the naked fish shop.@ AMK

    all are halal. try out their food if u haven’t do so.

  3. AA,
    Now there is a Halal version of FaceBook especially designed for the Muslims of USA to interact with each other. Please support it by registering a free account and creating your profile. It is a secure site and called or you can use both will take you to it. You can do everything that you can do on FaceBook plus more!
    See you there inshaAllaah..
    Kind regards,
    S. Irfan

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