Hei Sushi

Hei Sushi (halal version of SAKAE sushi)
Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close
#01-01 / 02 Singapore 519599
Tel: 6582 8467
Operating Hours:
11:30am – 10:00pm

Menu(similar to SAKAE sushi)

The food came from here…

After a tip from anonymous(thks!)that this place has received its HALAL certificate, within a flash, I was there!

All the food shown are ala-carte.

The ordering of food is self-service. u need to click on the screen using mouse and then select the food items u want to order. 5-10mins later, the food is served! Simple…yet troublesome. (Since the catogories are in Japanese, I need to refer to the menu time and again to select the right categories of food that I wanted.)

Items on the conveyor belt are so limited!

Pumpkin chawanmushi- egg custard dish steamed, very delicate tofu-like taste.

Inari sushi-Salmon skin : This is one of a kind sushi which I never tasted. The top part is the shiok crunchy bits which I perceived is the salmon skin fried till very crispy cracker like and then chopped into mini bits. Krak-kruk,krak-kruk sound as u munch on it. Unique!

Gyu don-beef with rice. Nice! Rice is piping hot and the beef is tender.

Soft shell crab deep fried -MY first time eating this. It is YUMMY! Love it! This is one crab, u can eat without any hassle. Just place them in ur mouth and munch! Crispy, crunchy and yet the flesh is sweet and soft.It came with a mild sourish dipping sauce.

Unagi sushi (eel)-I will never leave without them! Saw those at the conveyor belt and grab them! Cost about $7 (red plates looked appetizing than the other coloured ones because they are much expensive).Love it! I like the inner filling of the sushi which has cucumber and some crunchy bits like the salmon skins.

This egg sushi look appetizing but tastewise a bit bland, very yolky. Seldom I eat sushi with its soyasauce. But this , I need it.A pinch of wasabi also helps.(wasabi not so strong)

Salmon sushi-from conveyor belt, ok taste.

Tuna sashimi (tasted ok, not so great.. have tasted better in terms of freshness.)

Grilled Shitake mushroom-taste GOOD almost like cuttlefish. chewy, smoky flavour with a tinge of teriyaki sauce on it. Yummy, Love it!

I thought this drink is made in-house but its instant, in a bottle. Had I known, I wouldn’t order.(Actual cost $1.20 but sold for $2.58, its a rip-off, not so good..ASk for sky juice is better)

Ice-cream is average.

Aside from the condiments available on the table which includes soya sauce and wasabi, there are slices of ginger (spicy) which helps to remove that nausea or “jerlak” taste.Very refreshing, I like!

Overall to me- Average. Can be improved.Will give them a second chance…will come back again, insya-Allah.

Improvement needed-1)freshness of the raw items,2) more varieties on the conveyor belt please and 3) the menu, please insert a desription of what is the dish all about cos it’s in Japanese names..4)need bigger straws if u sell drinks with nata de coco cos mine stuck in the straw/at the bottom (spoons are not given too).

Note: I just had my tuna and salmon sashimi (fav!), sushi and grilled shishamo (with roes)(yummy) and not forgetting those large raw oysters (fav!) ..last month..at the family international buffet(still searching for the pics to post..I wonder where I left them?) which has relocated to Ngee Ann city. Though prices have increased to about $40+ per person…I find that the quality of the raw items are GOOD and fresh. So to compare this with that..hmm…

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12 thoughts on “Hei Sushi”

  1. i just went today with my bf aft work!!! dragged him thr of coz hehehe….anyway i was all along waiting for this to get Halal cert but thr wasnt any announcement anywhr(maybe i missed it) till i saw ur blog!

    the sushis are just ok..its normal kind of sushis..somehow we noticed that most interesting sushis only start to come out when thrs like alot of customers..personal fav is soft shell crab rolled with egg(red plate) – i cant rmbr the name but its stated in the menu…

    thr was this tofu skin filled with potato..tasted ewww…yucks XD

    and i ordered the potato croquette..it wasnt what i expected it to be..i ate it once in Melaka Watercity Resort which is so much better!

  2. i've visited hei sushi in downtown east eventhoughther's few choices of food in belt….but the service is very good….the staff are all friendly as well as the supervsors..

  3. hey, just a note, u can ask teh waiter for other sushis if the sushi u want isnt on the conveyor belt. and yeahh. i felt cheatd seh ordering the mogu mogu air..

  4. I think they open another new Hei Sushi shop in the north area – if I'm not wrong it's at Sembawang Shopping Centre.I think so.The shopping just open after renovation.It's at
    Level 1,near Starbuck's Coffee. I haven't get to taste it yet as I was rushing for the free shuttle bus that had arrived at the time.

  5. Yup, the latest branch is at Sembawang Shopping Centre next to Starbucks. But the last time I called up, its still in the process of obtaining the Halal Cert… But I'm gonna check it out again soon….

  6. Rezana-I like the softshell crab too!Thanks for sharing ur tastebuds!

    Nadia-my sentiments exactly. Stay off the drinks.

    Anonymouses-Hmm, that is an insight. I will order what I like from them ,then.yeah, their service is good.

    Hey thanks for checking out for me. Love it when the readers help me with these details. Thanks. God bless!

  7. i just wanted clarify, the buffet says it's 16.90++ per adult – what does that include? meaning you pay 16.90 on top of the __x1.88 of sushi plates that you eat?

  8. Hi Anonymous!I think the $1.88 plates are included except the red plates (diff prices). And as stated in the pic, complimentary of beancurd bowl or seaweed udon,1 portion of dessert , 2 portions of fruits..that's it!Enjoy ur ,meal there!

  9. hey i've been wanting to go to hei sushi for months and i finally saw your blog! i want to know for the weekday buffet, is it you pay for the buffet first then you can eat all you want without worrying about the price cos its alrdy included in the money you paid first? or you pay alrdy and you eat all you want but you still have to pay extra? i dont know what im talking about >< but im kind of confused xD im a student and i wanted to go this coming good friday but it looks like i cant >< can you reply me at riniyuhany[at]hotmail.com? thanks ><

  10. hello 🙂 i wnna ask about the price for the all-you-can-eat buffet, is it you pay the $13.90 first(for youth, because im under youth), then i can jz take any amount of non-red plates without having to pay $1.88 per plate.. OR is it i pay the $13.90, then when i take a non-red plate, i pay $1.88 per plate?

    i've always wanted to go to Hei Sushi, coz i looove sushi 🙂

    i hope you will reply me at my email, aidapendek[at]live.com.sg

    thanks 🙂

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