Handmade Fishballs..

In response to Rezana’s (blog visitor) request… (since I’m in the vicinity)
(“I hope this is the one U are looking for…they were featured in the newspaper once upon a time. Bon Appetit!”)

SEDAP Noodle

Blk 449 Clementi ave 3

I ordered chicken noodle($3-$3.++..I think) and fish ball soup ($3). The fishballs are handmade. Fresh and springy. The chicken noodle (I chose dry and it came with a soup separately) is mild spicy so u need to eat the cili padis for that extra KICK! The clear broth soup is nice.Add those tiny brownish minced saltish “thingy” (could be salted vegetable) and the soup is even nicer! Love everything!

This is one coffeshop that has many interesting HALAL food. They have famous THAKSIN beef noodles,western food, seafood,nasi padang, chicken rice +noodles, fishball noodles (chinese style), indian food…U’ll be spoilt for choices. And then nearby, there is another food centre which has more Muslim food…Hmm..

Thaksin beef noodle

p.s: there is a long queue for chinese rojak called “Brothers rojak” i think…too bad, non HALAL…but then I saw some malays queing up?!Hmm..need to investigate…another time perhaps…

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5 thoughts on “Handmade Fishballs..”

  1. hi putri, any idea what time the coffee-shop closes. This one is really an eye-opener, didnt know there is such a coffeeshop at clementi! thanks loads

  2. hey u! omg tyvm for helping me find it~~~im so touch 😉

    will go thr soon….i think that ish the shop..coz i rmbr berita harian states it sells alot of noodles…is this @ clementi mrt(street directory aint working!)?

  3. yeah the mrt is clementi mrt. Err…what time it closes? I dunno…Need to ask when i go there again…maybe 9pm?

  4. just wanna update the info:

    closing time is 10pm..last order 9.30pm or was it 9.45pm…

    i recommend the indian shop on the left side…the murtabak, roti john & rojak are delicious!

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