HALAL Ribs anyone?

Spize The Supper Club and Spize The Mediterranean Grill
Simpang Bedok food centre.

This is one food haven for late night suppers..family dinners or couple lunches (never been there during breakfast, not sure whether it is as lively) There are so much variety of great food, tv telecast and with lots of company. It is always lively and packed. Never a ghost town (maybe Raya).Best thing is that it is HALAL. All under one roof. If u like chinese food, indian, mediterranean,western,malay, whatever …they got it!

Nearby there are also MAD JACK cafe, Tang tea house which also serves great food!

We ordered from the wrong roti john stall. This roti john is soaked with the sweet tangy mustard and chilli sauce. I dont really like it..too sweet and “soggy” with all the sauces…

I should have ordered from its “neighbur stall”>> “FRIZZ GRILL@89.7 eating house“(weird long name for a food stall).I like their KEBAB and delicious CRISPY roti john.

I saw a new addition in SPIZE menu. RIBS! Had been a long time since I last ate them.A bit costly but no venture no gain. So have to try it who knows, it might get into my favourite list.

It was nice! I like the sauce. Love the mashed potatoes , the vege and one large RIB, macho size ($22.90) , there is also JUMBO size $29.90. It was quite filling with 2 scoops of mashed potatoes, lots of broccoli, carrots and corn on cob. I had to wait about 30mins for it. I think the ribs need to be cooked longer. I remembered someone roasting ribs for me in Europe, it took about 2 hours for the ribs to be tender. That was really worth waiting for!!

Anyway back to this topic, the rib is quite good ,only a bit chewy on its sides. So now, I know where to find HALAL ribs. Midway during the sawing and gnawing of the rib meat, the same friendly waiter and “accomplice” came over to watch me eating.
Kinda peculiar, they were like staring down at this rib. They said this is the first time they saw it. (alamaks!) And I was the first LUCKY one to taste the RIB meat.(is that good or what?) I felt a bit self-conscious …Never in my life, had I been watched in public by 2 waiters who “sandwiched” me, watching me eating and cutting the meat, felt a bit like a celebrity..hehhe!
I like their service. Wished that more hawker stalls, or food court or even anywhere can give that kind of good service, I wont mind coming again and again. To me service is as important as the quality of the food served.

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5 thoughts on “HALAL Ribs anyone?”

  1. your blog is fantastic! very informative and interesting reviews replete with pictures! i think you and i share the same love for chinese food: noodles, century egg porridge, dim sum, duck dishes, bakchang, chee cheong fun, chinese pastries and the list goes on! =)

    i also love korean, italian, tex-mex, indian, thai, japanese, middle eastern, french and western etc. so hello fellow foodie!

  2. hey.. i dunno if u've been to this place called j's wok & grill… their steaks are GOOD and are reasonably priced!! it's at bedok north st 3.. blk 527 i tink… should try if u haven't already… 🙂 p.s. the t-bone steak.. it's HUGE!!!

  3. hi putri…i like your page……alot of halal food that im not aware of….btw u shld try the ribs at charcos which is located at ang mo kio ave 5 blk 108 or 106 im not sure but its beside esso.the ribs serving is alot and it cost 8 plus ala carte n 12 plus if you took the set meal….its really nice n the ribs are tender

  4. hi putri i like your blog…im always lookin for halal food too….btw u shld try the ribs at charcos which is located at ang mo kio ave 5 blk 108….the servings are alot n its cheap n nice

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