Halal and muslims…(my opinions)

I had many episodes of unpleasant encounters when I persist in having HALAL food. But that did not stop me because I know the consequences of eating otherwise.

Sometimes it saddens me that people take this lightly. I mean, as a muslim, we got to watch what we eat.”WE are what we eat”. It’s very important. U may not see it now, but later u will know why..

I was sadden by some muslims attitude towards HALAL food. Their definition of HALAL food is anything except pork. They believe that “I dont eat pork but all other meat(halal or not) , I eat”…

This is an obligation which is very GOOD for us, our body, our society… If we do not eat that is HALAL, then 40 days of prayers, supplication anything will not be accepted by Allah s.w.t. (U may say “YIPEE!” no need to pray…but again that reflects on ur true self. Just imagine when DEath welcomes u at that moment..hmm)

But one must wonder,why so troublesome?! Why must be so religious? Anyway, why should anyone care, our graves are individuals…u care for ur grave, I care for mine, dont be busybody..

Well, the truth is it affects everyone, the society as a whole. If one does not take heed what is being fed into the body, it will eventually mould our characters. Good characters=good society, rite? Or do u prefer otherwise? No one wants to be bad. Everyone is born good. So maintain it that way. So, why wait, start now!

I realised that in order to be good, it must come from the heart. But if the heart is fed with unlawful things, how to be good? That is why sometimes, we stay away from mosques, cannot accept advices,hate the sound of Al-Quran being recited, very difficult to stay awake or drag urself to religious classes, or anything that is good. Also, character or akhlak will be disturbed too.

Because from my perception (I read people and analyse, I did learn psychology in school), I’ve seen that a family who cared for the HALALness of their food and compared to those who did not. WOW! what a major difference! U can see one family stay together, do things together, the peace and tranquility of that family can be seen. But the other shows signs of cracked relationships, defiant children, broken hearts and sleepless nights top with endless silent tears…

Dont ever think that u are too young…life starts at 40 and so on (just stop those excuses!)…especially young mothers, do u know that the food u eat must be halal especially so when u are pregnant and nursing because that will build the foundation of ur child’s behaviour and future?

So if u want a defiant child, go ahead, “destroy” both ur lives by consuming those unlawful items (it’s never too late to change) but if u do care for ur child…please take heed , eat HALAL food. Now it’s not difficult to find HALAL food all over the world. SO why not start now? If not when?

Though u cannot see the difference now, u’ll see it one day, insya-Allah.

I’m not a preacher so my words might be harsh, wrong or whatever..forgive me..these are just my humble opinions.

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