Deer meat and seafood in kelong

Restoran Makanan Laut Yeo Sekeluarga
Persisiran Pantai, Tanjung Adang 81550 Gelang Patah , Johor Bahru
Johor , Malaysia
+607 507 1897
(can get co-ords on top right hand side)

Or u can try Saujana Co-ords (beside Yeo)
N 01 20.915
E103 34.211

This place is recommended by Herdy.(thks!) It is owned by a chinese muslim HALAL is a definite YES! yipee! So without much hesitation, let’s drool together!!

If no taxi, u can always take this boat..hhehee!Or if u prefer catching ur own seafood…

Wooden platform on stilts. If I were a zilionaire, I would costruct a glass platform instead of wood so that we can view what lies beneath…

That restaurant across is another kelong seafood run by Malays muslim.Was told that the food is more costly and not as tasty as Yeo. But no harm trying, rite? But if u do try,then dont forget to inform me ur preferences or favorites over there!

Restoran Saujana
Persisiran Pantai, Tanjung Adang 81550 Gelang Patah , Johor Bahru
Johor , Malaysia
Phone:+607 507 3211(closed every friday)

These prawns are one of the most fragrant buttered prawns i ever tasted! Got to be my favourite! Very crispy too! U can eat the shells and the heads too! Normally, I dont order butter prawns because I dont like the oily after taste that comes with it but this one dont have! (Oh that reminds me, I need to go to Mak’s place and taste their famous buttered prawns.Hmm..)

Not rubbery nor oily, these calamaris are just yummy to pop into the mouth!

This dipping sauce for the calamaris(sotong).Tasted like thai chilli sauce.

This is black pepper deer meat.Similar to beef. No unpleasant smell can be detected. Tender. Saw a unique name in the menu >>deer meat in periuk besi (metal pot)but did not try that. Perhaps, next round?

This chiili flower crabs has a unique chilli gravy. It is unlike singaporean spicy sweet chilli but with a hint of tau-cho (fermented beans).I like…

Thhis fish is served with 2 candles lit beneath it to keep it warm thruout the lunch.

The steamed siakap fish hongkong style just melts in the mouth.The soya sauce gravy is tasty. Looks spicy but not. Very fresh!

The bill came as a surprise because this is one of the cheapest ever amongst all the kelongs seafood i’ve been.Total RM97 .Though the crabs, prawns are not the large size but medium, the servings are generous! We ordered for 2 person servings but were served 3-4 people servings instead! Very generous, very fresh and very yummy! I love everything especially the unique chilli crabs and fragrant buttered prawns and the yummy hong kong steam fish.Black pepper tender deer meat is good too.Sotong is not rubbery but tender. Love everything!

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updated: 18/5/08 (Thks Mat Saleh n others for the query)
Okay, many have asked the directions, I will try my best to give the instructions (but this wont guarantee that u wont get lost hehhe!):

Head to Kampung Pendas (2nd link, PTP exit, make a right at the junction, left at the next one then all the way down to the end of the road)

(in reference to my GPS)
From tuas check point,

continue 7.9km, Exit left on TG PELEPAS highway,

drive 3.6km and turn right on J4 Gelang Patah,

drive 900metres and turn left,

drive 3.6km, then turn right,

(750m later turn right…around this time, u need to look for Yeo’s signboard shown above)

the rest u have to make a judgement call…

Hope that helps!

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14 thoughts on “Deer meat and seafood in kelong”

  1. Hmm, i can only give u Saujana coordinates (beside Yeo's) :
    N 01 20.915
    E103 34.211
    Hope that helps!

  2. Jacek Szymczyk


    I've just moved with my family to Nusajaya. I shop in Gelang Patah. I've heard recently that seafood is really good in GP, but cannot find more details. Could you point me to a location map of the restaurant, please. I do not have GPS in my car.


  3. Thank you BM, I've finally got there. Actually, I've decided to follow your original directions – found the place no problems as your traveling distances are very accurate.

    To answer another question from another reader, I wanted to say that I also did the route from Gelang Patah bus stop. It's quite difficult to navigate to Yeo's from GP bs and I'm afraid not many taxi drivers will not know directions to Yeo's and won't like to take you there. Then you have a trip back to really worry about….

    Well, food is excellent indeed.


  4. Hi there..great food/travel blog U have…
    Just wanna confirm, the Yeo's/Saujana is at the map location there?

    Because think my family and I couldn't find the place.
    Partly because I've assigned my GPS to go to Kg Pendas, which in on the right side of the actual place, which is quite far! haha
    unluckily or luckily it was getting dark, so we decided to try another day.
    thanks in advance

  5. Anonymous- I've been to Senibong. The food is Okeylah, I think I chose the wrong stall.But the satay batang PINANG is vavavoom YUMMY! A must-try! Will try at other seafood stalls,again insya-Allah.

    Jacek-Hey that's great! Me and directions cannot really get along. hehhe! Hey thanks for helping me answering some queries here!

  6. Hi there!
    sorie for not updating..
    my family finally made it to Yeo's on Xmas day hehe
    quite easy to go there..though with GPS makes it better hehe

    we also stopped again at a fruits stall which is quite a distance away.

    overall Yeo's is great!
    our bill came to RM188 for 4 person.
    we are thinking of going there again.
    Thanks again!

  7. i heard if you travel all the way along the road from Yeo's family restaurant, you can find another kelong seafood restaurant ( very ulu). not sure its there or not. anybody can confirm?

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