Best fish fillet burger!

Popeye chicken and biscuits
3F Airport Boulevard,
Changi Airport T1 – Viewing Mall Central
Singapore 819642
OPENING HOURS:11.00am to 12.00am Daily

Fried chicken-original or spicy? I prefer original. Spicy flavour not as spicy as KFC. Not bad.

mashed potato


ultimate fish burger!

I never knew fish burger can taste so good till I tasted this fish burger at popeyes. I only buy McDonalds fish filet when got the craving. But after u tasted this, u will have amnesia…u will forget that McDonalds have fish fillet.

The thick fish meat is as thick as Mad Jack’s fish and chip. Very yummy! Toes and thumbs ups!So fish lovers, what are you waiting for?

Another favourites are: coleslaw, mashed potatoes (has bits of cheese in it), fried chicken (original) and biscuits like English scones.Too bad didnt get to try the biscuits today because it runs out fast…

But the distance is too far….if ever I have the cravings again..

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8 thoughts on “Best fish fillet burger!”

  1. hello Putri:) i heard there's another Popeye's outlet at the airport's Terminal 3, and there's a much much bigger outlet that has recently opened at the Singapore Flyer. However, i am not sure whether these two outlets have obtained Halal certs yet..

  2. finally went to eat @ Popeye ytd..i went to T3 and yes it has obtained halal cert (SG Flyer I went ard april, thrs no cert yet)

    food was dissapointing..i order fish burger set n my bf order chicken burger set..the only thing tats nice are the fries..both burgers are small(equivalent to Mc's fish fillet size)..thickness of my fish was nth compare to mad jack's fish…it was super thin..same goes with the chicken burger…KFC's Fish Zinger was much much better…

    heard from my colleague that Popeye used to hv bigger share but recently have cut down in size *shruggs*

  3. Hi lovely, you are such an inspiration for me. Got the blogging bug stuck on me.

    Anyways, I'd like to ask if the Popeye outlet at Esplanade or is it SG Flyer holds a halal cert or not. I actually called the number provided at the muis halal food directory. A Chi lady answered, I asked her, the only reply I got from her was, ''ah should be lar should be.'' She is working for Popeye yet she cant provide me answers. Mailing to muis directly also didnt help much. So, I really hope you advise me on this issue.


  4. Hi thank u for asking. I tried MUIS website and it state the S'pore Flyer branch is HALAL.

    Click here to see the site!

  5. I loved going to Popeyes. I especially love their biscuits but I stopped eating there since 2007 cause they never seem to renew their halal certificate. Sometimes they're in the Singapore Halal Directory, sometimes they're not. So before going I make sure they've renewed their halal licence first.

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