Badoque, what is that?

Badoque (S) Cafe Pte Ltd.
298 Bedok Rd (aka Simpang Bedok)
Bedok Shopping Complex
Singapore 469454 Tel : 6446 6928

A new trendy hip and happening place ….. selling pizza, pasta, gelato,cakes, dessert, sandwiches…

If your curiousity is killing you….or ur neighbour’s cat…click here to view pics of BADOQUE and its menu.

Or if u are a fan of Imran Ajmain, check this out! He went there 3X that week! Must be shiok, rite?! hmm…

And if u happen to see the name “Margarita” or similar names in their worry as they replied to me in an email…

“hi putri. thank you for the enquiry.

Badoque serves 100% halal food and drinks. No alcoholic drinks and no alcohol is being used in all the dishes.

Margharita is actually to describe an all cheese and tomato pizza. it’s italian. not to be confused with the cocktail, margarita. actually if you read up on this, margharita or margarita is a name of a lady. i think the food and drink are named after her.

btw, Badoque’s margharita pizza is a must try especially if you love cheese. oh the walnut and cheese pasta too!!

So, rest assured that everything is Halal at Badoque.

Thank you for your support and spread the love. C u at Badoque!! “…

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