Road trip 3

Chenderiang, PERAK

Near the morning bazaar near the wet market,wanted to eat this cendul on the spot but the seller misunderstood and ta-pow for us. WOW! It was yummy! I like the taste, very original. Especially during hot weather..WOW! POWER! Bought the typical chendul (too bad kidney beans are sold out!)and checdul pulut (glutinuous rice are soaked togehter with the chendol so it’s like hard chewy substances very different from the johor chendul pulut whereby the pulut is steamed glutinuous rice in tiny balls)

Bought a toharah soap here at only SGD$1.50 where in singapore u bought them at SGD3.50. Anyway, this soap is good for Muslims if u accidentally touch dog, pig …or when u need to “sertu” your utensils. Normally we need to add 1 part out of 7 soil to water to cleanse ourselves if we ever touch the “untouchables”. But this soap is useful for that. No need to search or dig for soil/clay. Also this soap is good for your skin if u have any skin rashes/allergy. I do not have any but I tried on my face and my skin became soft and supple. Love the feeling…

Petai aka stinky beans is known to be beneficial to health. But if its stink when u bite it , how about the gases when u emits out? …hehehhe!

Malaysia is a aparadise for fruits. Recently, I saw many dragonfruit plantations. The plants look like a weird cactus. The flesh is reddish purple unlike the ones we are used to which is white with lots of black seed like kiwi fruit. (no chance to snap pics though)

Fiesty kampung bird eye chillies that adds some “oomph” to ur food.

Herbs, vegetables, ulam..

Dry products such as salted fish, cuttlefish…

This is a typical malaysian wet market.U can find lots of local products and homegrown vegetables here. What I find interesting is that the fish mongers even sell live fishes in large aquariums which are normally found in singapore supermarkets such as Giant, Sheng Shiong and NTUC hypermart

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