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Manuka honey…

I know that honey is good for health. I’ve tried Propolis, all kinds of honey and believe that it is nature’s miracle.

But recently, a neighbour’s kid fell down and has a small opening wound aboout 2-3cm. And it is swollen. And his mother actually applied Manuka honey on his forehead after cleansing the wound. Within minutes, the swell goes down.The next day, the wound look as though it disappear altogether! Not swollen either!

There were a small mini scab. But the wound kinda heel pretty fast. It dried and heal exceptionally well. Within days,it disappear. No scar, nothing…

Alhamdulillah…God’s gift to to make full use of it!

So I hurried down to Mustafa and get a small bottle for $19 (YIKES!! expensive!!) But was told that in pharmacy or clinics it was sold for $40 (Seriously?!!).

Anyway, just keep it for emergency use. U never know kids active, full of life and lots of jumping, running and falling…

I read on the net too that it is good at healing wounds, closed punctured wounds and stuff…and can eat daily for health benefits but some manuka honey has a warning that babies certain age cannot eat it…so got to read the labels carefully.

Need more convincing?Read this…

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