Jong Ann Restaurant

Chicken rice is one of Singapore favourite food.Everytime I discover new chicken rice stalls, they seemed to be better than the previous stalls I’ve tasted..This is one place I will definitely patronise again and again…

Anyway, this stall has been in the vicinity of the old Geylang serai market for ages. This time, they moved to changi road (opposite eunosville).

Jong Ann Restaurant.
Address: 144 Changi Rd , Singapore 419725, Singapore.
Phone: 67426287.
always packed with customers
My favourite: steamed chicken rice,porridge
Price- $3-$3.50

I like the texture of soft succulent juicy chicken with lots of skin. Serving size is satisfactory. The rice is fragrant and the soup is nice. chilli is good. Porridge is good too (with slices of yue tiow)!

Chicken porridge (nice!unlike typical porridge sold in most chicken rice stalls)

Crunchy Beansprouts with salted fish

Hmm.. I wonder how their seafood dishes will taste? should be good…

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8 thoughts on “Jong Ann Restaurant”

  1. ooo.. i must say i grew up with this chicken rice. power! the chap chye is uber superb with the chicken rice and u should and must try the sambal sotong the next time u go there.

    now it's under renovation. not sure when it will reopen.

  2. Went there earlier today (17/02/2009 @ 1530h)…but it's GONE!

    The shop space had MacKenzie Rex's signboard, but it was not open either.

    Can you "investigate" where (if at all) they have relocated to?

  3. private and confidential.

    I'm a loyal fan of Jong Ann too. Fortunately, my family and i managed to dine there on their last week of operation.

    Apparently, they have really closed down. Lady boss said that her husband was too tired and wanted to take a break.

    Hopefully that answers any queries if there is a relocation.


  4. I drove past that place today and saw that Mackenzie has opened at Changi Road. Such a pity that Jong Ann has closed. We can do with both of them in Singapore!

  5. Khartini ,HZ,Dian, Ain, Lina -Thank u so much with all the details. The info given are greatly appreciated. Yeah, too bad…I miss their white juicy chicken rice too. Hmm… *droolz.

  6. Anyone who like great Halal Chicken Rice should go to Evertop at Blk 354 Clementi Ave 2…My wife, children and I used to alternate between Jong Ann and Evertop with a greater bias for Jong Ann (due to proximity) but alas it is gone now…Razack's lower down Changi Road is also excellent albeit higher prices…BTW Evertop I think is closed Weds…

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