Yunus satay stall in AMK

YUNOS N family
Block 724, #01-54 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Opening hours 11am – 10pm, closed on Sundays
2nd generation owner.
Tekka market in early 50s then to AMK more than 20 yrs ago till today…

As expected there was a large Q in front of the stall. Today is the second day of its operation in the newly upgraded foodcentre.(the pic does not depict the actual event because after I sat down, suddenly there was a surge of customers coming.Most of them order takeaways but there are sit-in customers like me too.

fyi-They edit the name to Yunus n family and the outlook appearance of the stall.They also changed their serving plates and bowls to a new set of black sophisticated utensils.

After 45mins of patience… (I ordered all types of satay they had : mutton, beef, tripe and chicken),I stared at the satays with a revenge…

I remebered how disappointed I was last year when the food centre was under upgrading. Had to wait about 1 year later…patience…sabar menanti..

I love the mutton and chicken satay with bits of melted fats in between. The tripe is not as tender as before but I like them because no weird smell and taste. I dont really like the beef satay.But anyway I saw many customers “tapow” home large quantities of satay. These are the satays that I’ve been waiting for! I seldom order chicken satay but for this stall, it is a must!

The mee soto lackes a potato cutlet aka begedil but is still as SEDAP! and the mee rebus has thick gravy..(could be new opening jitters or shortage of begedil).

For me personally, I had to wait 30-45mins for my food to arrived but luckily they warned me first…because if I lack the patience, I would have cabut to BANQUET just nearby. hehe! but I believe this is temporarily , once they picked up and accustomed to the customer, I believe they will be back as per normal and as good as they used to be..just need time to adjust..dont worry, I’ll be back…but not so soon . Let the crowd died down a bit…

Mee rebus

Mee soto
Overall, I had a yummy time there!
Ku lepaskan rinduku padamu oh, satay…..

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