Where to get FRESh and cheap udang galah in Malaysia?

P.s:thank you for correcting me..
i was looking for the right english word but instead I substitute the word “Udang Galah” with lobsters…my bad!sorry…
Similar dilemma: http://idrus.blogspot.sg/2012/03/sweet-and-sour-udang-galah.html?m=1

I wont reveal the location just yet…
the months of September and October are the best time for lobster eating!

This place is quite isolated. When we arrived, there were a loud continuous shrieking. One of the elders told me that it could be crickets but I dont think so. I guess, he just wants me to shut my mouth because its near maghrib time. heheh!anyway, I do not want to probe further as I do not want another the creepy incident to happen again…(previously in chalet, some pics of mine has “someone” in it. maybe I did post in this blog, maybe not…hhehe! But if I did, see it at ur own risk!)

This is the BEST tumeric GIANT lobster EVER! We actually ordered from a different stall. All the baby lobsters were from stall no.3..I wanted big giant lobsters but was given baby lobsters instead.

But luckily one of the makan group wondered to the next stall and spotted the delicious looking giant lobster. RM 8. VEry shiok!! Remember this is stall number 4. Dont let the empty deserted looking stall tells u otherwise. Order from them!

Below are from stall no.3

Baby lobsters in sweet sambal

Baby lobsters in tumeric -7pcs (350gm)
half kilo -RM22
Do the math urself…The human calculator in me is asleep.
total: RM40.(fyi-I’m the only active member in the group that wallop 80% of the lobsters so did not order much for 4 people)

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6 thoughts on “Where to get FRESh and cheap udang galah in Malaysia?”

  1. Can't wait to know the location of the fresh lobster?

    BTW, have you been to Medan Ikan bakar at Jalan Bellamy, KL?

  2. Yazid>>Yup, been wanting to go there but always kena sidetracked by other food. KL has so many yummy food. What stall do u recommend at Bellamy?

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