this is the satay stall I've been waiting for..

Block 724, #01-54 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Opening hours 11am – 10pm, closed on Sundays
Price 40 cents each for beef, chicken or mutton
2nd generation owner. Tekka market in early 50s then to AMK more than 20 yrs ago.

Recently AMK food centre was re-opened after being upgraded. I do not know how many times, they have gone thru upgrading. But the wait is finally over…

i’ve been eating at this satay stall since my secondary school years (now , dont start calculating my age)Back then, who is Hady mirza? Who knows…

anyway, after Singapore Idol 2, I realised his step dad looked familiar. Then I think hard and “Eh, this pakcik serve mee good mee soto and babat satay that I love so much!”

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In fact when they were closed for upgrading last year, I was greatly disappointed that I was in “cold turkey” hehhe! Their satay is superb. I like the chicken satay, beef, mutton and especially the tripe satay . No weird smell just some juicy yummy satay.

Their soto also is shiok especially when u add some cili padi. then order some sugar cane juice ..wah! so shiok..very good!All thumbs up plus the toes.

But will their food be as good ? Or better….
that is what i’m going to do …spying and makan…

for those die hard fans, I doubt Hady will be there..because all my years eating their food, I have never met him ever…furthermore being the Asian Idol must have kept him busy, probably he is eating satay elsewhere…or perhaps crooning in another part of the world…who knows.

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