Thick juicy mutton satay

update: 2008
This stall has the same satay but it wasnt as tasty as it used to be because the ones who BBQ it/bakar it were different people, middle aged couple local people unlike previously who sounded more indonesian.The satay wasnt cooked properly and they have more meat (chicken, beef), previously it was “garing” almost cooked till perfection and crisp.But the marination is still as good, perhaps tapow some raw ones home/ for BBQ functions? hmm…

Tanglin Halt food centre

i had the opportunity to try this succulent juicy thickest mutton satay I ever tried. Though it was thick, it was thoroughly cooked! I’m sO much in LOVe with this satay and its GRAVY!They do not have tripe (babat) satay but the typical chicken , beef and mutton is sufficient enough to make u drool for more..

“Warung kita” stall sells nasi padang in the morning and SATAY in the evening. I was there abt 6pm. It was worth the wait of about 20-30mins. The thick dark roasted peanut satay sauce is of “Al-hambra gluttons bay” equivalent!

I’m not that familiar with this old estate. This hawker centre is opposite PAP tanglin halt/queenstown. Near blk 1 or 2. They have stalls that sell good soto, mee goreng and lots more. Most of them opened in the morning and closes in the evening. But there are a few stalls that are opened in the evening.

This is one of the few stalls taht are still open in the eveing.I like this soto! $3 for a bowl of lots of chicken meat , rice cake and soto broth.Plus chilli padi soya sauce! i saw many “ta-pow” the nasi lemak.

M. Shaik Alaudeen (the name of this stall sounds like the Silat champion)

This kway teow goreng is GOOD! Though I did not specify to add mutton meat as usual, the mee goreng comes complete with lots of mutton meat, potatoes and vegetables in the noodles. Love it!

A different stall -2 shops away from the indian mee goreng.
Though the chicken rice served is not piping hot, the chicken rice is not bad…
Not much info gathered cos I’m in a hurry but will do it if visit again.

fyi- Forgotten to bring my “buddy” digicam …did take some average shots using someone else’s handphone..

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