IMM building
2 Jurong East Street 21
Walk: 5 mins from Jurong East MRT
Free Shutter Bus Pickup Point: Jurong East MRT, Clementi MRT & Boon Lay MRT
Buses: 52, 99,105, 183, 188, 333 & 502

Just an example of the menu. A waiter kept looking at me so I only get to snap this part of the menu clearly.

This is typical spaghetti bolognaise.Not bad. If u need a spaghetti in a hurry, this will do just fine. I like the meaty sauce.Very filling. About $5.

this is London fish and chips. I was attracted by the name since I missed the fish and chips when I was in London. I thought the fish will be seared with vinegar or maybe the chips be like in London.(fyi-London fish and chips are humonguous!And u can get it as a street snack almost everywhere)

But, as u can see from the picture, It is slightly burnt on one side.So first impression isnt that good. The tastewise, I wasnt too impressed with this. But the price is cheap about $5-$6. Maybe I chose the wrong item. So dont judge a food by its name…But if u want a good fish and chips, click here

they have affordable italian and western food on the menu. Latest promotion is sizzling hotplate of spaghetti with salmon and sizzling sirloin steak plus drink =only $8.90. I saw many ordered the salmon hotplate.

Love: chocolate milkshake (like those packet kiddie milk drink ice-blended e.g magnolia ) $1.90. The iced-coffee is not bad too!

Will give this place a second chance, hoping to try the steak one day!

p.s; Dont forget to try the freshly made “roti mama” a stall specialised in coffee buttered bun.

location :#01-40 ROTI MUM

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5 thoughts on “SPAGHETTI TOO?”

  1. hi there ! i've tried spaghetti too several times since it's near my workplace.

    i realli like the seafood spaghetti aglio olio. and the mango and hazelnut roulade for dessert is real nice; not too sweet and very yummy.

    and according to my colleague, they also make nice brownies that comes with a scoop of ice cream.

  2. Thanx for intro-ing this place, now we've 2nd choice after Swensen's (except for their ice cream la) I've tried the place twice, luved the Chick chop wif alfredo, milkshake n CHEEEZEEE Garlic Bread!
    And for info, we tried the fish n chips the other day, and yes, this time round was on Spec! Very nice, no dirty oil kinda taste la…..

    they actually blended some spices…herbs? on the batter…

  3. Hello! I'm not sure if you've noticed but there are halal sushi stall beside Spaghetti Too.

    And I recommend the Salmon sushi! Very delicious and it cost $0.80 each.

    If I'm not wrong, the foodstall in front of the sushi stall, is halal too. I'm not sure. Needs confirmation as I was too distracted by sushis.

    Great site! Now, I need not have to feast on Seoul Garden EVERYTIME. 😀 Thank you!!!

  4. the sushi stall is Hei Sushi Kiosk and the cafe opp of it is Red Ginger Cafe, its halal and has been thr for quite awhile. i cant comment on the food as i tried it long ago(cant rmbr le!)

    if u walk ard thr a juice stall nearby atm/sony..cant rmbr the name but the juice blends are nice tho pricey. halal; im nt sure…but i dun think they serve alcohol…

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