Sheikh Najib nasi lemak on channel 8

Previous months, I was told there is a chinese program that will feature Sheikh Najib stall. And I was lucky to see it on tv last night- Wednesday 2.1.08 at 8pm. They were featuring all the yummy bites of banana fritters@old airport rd, putu pirings of Haig road and also the yummy mummy kuehs of Sheik Najib.(Once again, I would like to congratulate u on this acvhievement! Not only, u wowed the malay community, u even go an extra mile and “WOW”ed the non-malay community. Bravo!)

Not only can u get them at rowell road after 4pm onwards (normally by 8pm, finish..) they even do catering and also cater to some food courts/stalls. Their kuehs are those made with yam, tapioca bingka ubi (brownish yello),putri salat (green and white) and purple colour for yam..and the rest I forgotten the name because I only know how to eat them heheh! Anyway, their kuehs are moist and not dry, very delicious. Everyday, the kuehs are up to standard.

Also not forgetting their yummy lauks/malay dishes which I find very authentically malay sometimes if u are lucky, u can find some kampung dishes. Their menu changes periodically.

If u want to see more, click here

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