Masakan Nusantara

Watch the food show, makan places ,lost and found (repeat telecast) and they featured this Geylang serai makan stall. tried them recently….

Masakan Nusantara
Contact No. : 90214223(Hp)
Geylang Serai Market
15 Geylang Serai #01-338
Singapore 409215
Off on Fri: 9:00am-7pm

Mee goreng seafood- I like the flavour, just wish that there are more meat/seafood in it than 4 small prawns.$3

Tom Yam soup- has great sourish spicy powerful broth but again, the seafood items not much and they are tiny squids and prawns.$3.50

Overall- Nice flavour has great potential if more ingredients is added, probably their nasi pattaya will fare better, perhaps.

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