Mad Jack cafe

One of the best place to have fish and chips …Aussie style!

Bukit Timah Outlet (11am-10pm)
6 Duke’s Rd (Bukit Timah Rd before Coronation Plaza, next to Police Post)
64624300/ 62575951

Jalan Kayu Outlet (Sun-thurs 11am-12am, fri,sat,eve of holiday 11am-2am)
242, Jln Kayu (Next to URA Car Park)
64831202/ 62575951

Simpang Bedok Outlet
304 Bedok Rd, The Market Place,
(Simpang bedok, next to Tanah Merah MRT)
64458168/ 62575951

Click here for menu

Drink called “Weight watcher”-cucumber+tomato..juice

Blue diamond triple burger

Cake of the day

Crumbly blue berry pie

warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.
VERDICT: Love the fish and chips, very fleshy, very tasty. Love their desserts too especially the warm chocolate brownie and blueberry pie!

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3 thoughts on “Mad Jack cafe”

  1. You know.. because of this post, i actually dragged my fiance to go and eat there and we did!

    I loved the fish and chips laah! 🙂

    But the best thing is, it's got an entirely separate section for vegetarians which i like, cuz i have friends who are vegetarians and now we've got new places to explore!

    Thanks Kak!

  2. Unfortunately, didn't have good experience at their branch in Jalan Kayu. Brought my colleagues out to blanja them lunch. One of them ordered fish & chips. We were impressed when it came. So tembam and golden brown. But alas, when she cut the fish, it was uncooked. We returned the dish, and voila it happenened yet again. The third was cooked but it was so tasteless. Seriously, stay far away from that branch. I couldn't bring myself to go to another branch. BTW, my friend left her namecard to the car shop owner to pass on to the manager (he wasn't there at that time). He called her and my colleague asked him to speak to me but he didn't call me. I have also put in my complain in their website but I have yet to receive a reply. That was more than a month ago…. Very sad… My colleagues actually told me that they have tried it and didn't think highly of it but I said give them the benefit of the doubt. I shall doubt no more…. Sorry for being long-winded but must share this…

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