HABIB rojak @Ayer rajah FC

Habib’s Rojak
Blk 503 West Coast Dr,
#01-68 Ayer Rajah Food Centre
11.30am – 11.00pm (Closed alt Mon or Tue)

Watch Makan sutra RAW recently and saw this stall being featured.

VERDICT: I love the freshness in all the ingredients. My favourite is the “paru” aka beef lungs. It is cut thickly but its soft. The fishcake is also nice. All the rojak food items, I like! The reddish sweet potato gravy is nice though my loyalty still lies with GEylang serai rojak stall.

My dream rojak stall would be -Habib’s rojak items + geylang serai rojak gravy=DOUBLE POWER!!

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