Grilled fish at tepian tebrau, JB

Tepian tebrau hawker centre
Stall no 25
Jalan Skudai
Lido Beach
Johor Bahru,
7.30 am-2am (unsure whether this is correct)
Coordinates -(N 1/27.670,E 103/44.259)

I was searching for the old seafood stalls facing the Lido beach (not the other ones @ the minor road) while I came upon this hawker centre. The place looks new. I was attracted by the dark brown wooden furniture. Feels like I’m dining in a restaurant but actually in a hawker centre. heheh!

There were many seafood stalls so I just “chak-chak kuti” (choose the stalls by random)and chose to eat at stall no. 25. Anyway to cut the story short, we ordered grilled fish with air asam , grilled sotong and grilled cockles. When u opt for grilled or bakar, they are normally grilled with sambal. I chose the fish to be grilled plain (no sambal because i want to taste the fresh fish). Other than seafood , they also sell rojak, noodles, fried rice, desserts like ice jelly and lots more… Other stalls sell similar fare.

Assam dipping sauce-I felt that this fish taste better on its own but if there is kicap cilipadi (soya sauce with bird eye chillies), that will be shiok!

Grilled cockles

grilled sotong

The sambal is different. The taste is unlike the ones we are accustomed to which is normally sweet red sambal.

VERDICT: Love the food -especially the grilled fish and sotong. Fresh and nice.Will come back for more….

p.s: I saw their mee bandung, fried noodles, laksa…everything looks so appetizing…

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1 thought on “Grilled fish at tepian tebrau, JB”

  1. Yuuuummmmy!!! I loooove it just by watching the pictures.I'm salivating already! Thx 4 providing the info but may I know how much does it costs for each dish?

    May I also suggest that you show all the price that you've eaten at every stalls, restaurants or places instead of just some of it.

    I know that sometimes you'll show us the receipt that you've received but I think it'll better if you show the price for every dish that you've eaten or maybe if you don't mind you could even take pictures of their menu for every place that you've went?

    Sorry,I don't mean to be rude by asking/requesting you to do all this. 🙁 But I was just suggesting.It's up to you.I'm not forcing u.

    Keep it up!! I am a loyal&an avid fan of your blog.Have been following&updating for already about 2 years.Will always refer to this blog if I have the cravings to eat outside.Such great reviews. 🙂 Really2x love it.Have a nice day!! 🙂

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