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I have done my best to ensure its HALAL aunthenticity for my own consumption. And I am just sharing it with you. So I will not bear any responsibility for anything. Your body, your responsibility.

Remember this blog is not a MUIS list of HALAL-certified establishments. It’s my blog, my food diary. Respect that…

As for those who have new HALAL eateries/food stalls to introduce, feel free to email me at

Please leave me details of the shop’s address (location map if possible),opening hours and days closed, food specialties and whether it is halal-certified or Muslim-owned….if possible…

Thank you.

Have a yummilicious day!

Note:Not all eateries suggested, will be published/reviewed (that will be for me to decide.)Spam, chain letters and anything irrelevant are not welcome, please be considerate. If this privilege is abused, the email account will be deleted. Thank you.

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