coffeshop behind joo chiat

I’ve forgotten to take down this coffeeshop name near Joo chiat

They have some yummy food there…

This nasi ambeng cost about $4. i like the rendang, a bit sweet though.

Warung selera
During lunch time, I saw a crowd in front of this nasi padang stall(just beside the nasi ambeng stall).Must be good…perhaps next time…insya-Allah.

PISANG and ROJAK stall

I like this malay fruitty rojak thick sauce. It has mango, pineapples, green apple, char kuey and some unidentified fruits…$2 or $3.

Though the food served is not hot, it is quite nice. These are banana fritters, prawn fritter and sweet potato. A bit oily though…

They do have nice chicken rice both roasted and steamed and some great seafood dishes. Western food also not bad.

At the drink counter, there is HARA tim sum .

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