Chicken rice stall @ Banquet haig rd

Haig Road Banquet
Blk 12 Haig Road
#01-323 Singapore 430012
Tel: (65) 6 842 7559 …

This banquet foodcourt has the most aromatic yummy putu pirings in Singapore!(congrats to them! Last week, they were featured in channel 8 and eversince the Q grow longer and longer and longer…)

I also like both their steamed chicken and roasted chicken rice in this Banquet.

The steamed chicken is juicy and moist. Love it…

Also tried the roti john , great taste! Has mayonaise in it.

Again, the pics are not as great because there is one Banquet staff kept circling around me. She has inform a customer not to take any pics in the food court. i was adamant but yet fearful that she might caught me in action… heheh!

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