celup-celup steamboat at johor

If u’ve been to Malacca and wonder where are the HALAL celup2 stalls? One of the best place is in Johor bahru. Celup-celup means that the uncooked food is placed in a boilling pot/steam boat and cooked then it will be eaten with peanut gravy similar to satay sauce. the food items range from seafood like crab stick, fish balls, crab, cockles ..to vegetables and meat items like liver, chicken gizzard (hempedal)..and lots more.

Night Makeshift stalls
Medan steamboat
Location: Dataran Bandaraya (yellow clock tower) Near hyatt hotel in JB
Still clueless on the location? click here

A word of precaution: If u choose the wrong stall, u might get food items that are stale and also in KL, some used rusty old tins as a steamboat so look out for unhygienic stall vendors.

From my observation, this stall had their customers piled up their plates with so much food. and they have long queues too. I know the reason why…

They are attentive to your needs ( u can opt for soup broth, noodles or separate sauces ) and they ensure your food is thoroughly cooked. And the best is the SAUCE! The best I’ve tasted as compared to other many stalls in JB.

p.s: The best I’ve tasted is in 1 night stall in KL, near pudu area right in front of Nandos franchise. Recently went but I cannot find the stall anymore. The sauce is unique.Very diffferent but shiok!

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