"Afro" bbq chicken

AFRO ayam bakar
Geylang serai market
nearest mrt:paya lebar

This stall is manned by a man with an afro haircut. A very unique sight in a malay populated geylang serai market. Often I arrived GEylang around 3-4pm and the stall will be closed. This is one of the stalls that finished fast. But on friday, its’ hours are extended could be due to friday prayers. I did not have the chance to interview the afro man as he busily entertain his many customers. It is quite popular..

This man is very friendly and as I scrutinize every detail of his shop, I saw a good service logo sticker in his shop, self pasted or awarded by an organisation..hmm that I’m not sure. But for sure, he will serve the food with a smile.

This shop also serve prawns, promfret, ayam percik,sotongs …each individual set is $4. Most of them ordered the promfret. I think its a good deal because the fish is quite big and its reasonable. I chose bbq chicken…

i like the taste of the chicken. No need dipping sauce. The fragrant chicken rice is nice together with the sambal belacan , ulam vegetables and the soup. All goes well with each other.

few stalls down the same row, there is another popular stall “ayam penyet”, the chicken look appetizing…well, that is another story..

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  1. does anybody know where this afro ayam bakar stall is now? im trying to find out where he moved after the old geylang serai market was removed. he

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