Asam pedas Johor

Kampung Danga Restaurant at 547,
Jalan Persiaran Perling Satu,
Taman Perling in Johor Baru.
(thru second link)

Read here about the reviews made from a local newspaper.

This restaurant is famous for its asam pedas. There are 2 kinds of asam pedas.(read the above article) If u choose the sting ray, it is asam pedas with black pepper but if u choose the mackerel, its the normal asam pedas. But dont expect the thick asam pedas we are accustomed to in Singapore (like the nasi bawean stall.) I’ve realised that Johor and malacca asam pedas is a bit watery but its good.

Many eye popping and mouth watering dishes but I tell myself to concetrate on their popular asam pedas dishes.

their self-serve area. Eat first, pay later .customers just help themselves to the food area. U can put as much or as little as u wish.When u sit down with the food, a waiter will come down and jot down the price of food u take. After finish eating then u can pay at the counter.

The fried kampung chicken is Shiok! Asam pedas mackerel is nice! Many types of sambal belacan is provided.
The rendang ayam is nice.

Lemak siput is very fragrant. U can find lots of fragrant leaves like daun selaseh, mint and other unidentified ones. i like!

At first I thought this is grilled but its fried fish (with nice sourish dipping sauce of chillies and onions.)

This ice limeade (locals called it “ais limau nipis”)is delicious. Included is “sembuih” in the drink for that added sweetness.

Again, thanks to M for bringing us to this place.

For dessert,
Halal bakery nearby….

Bee’s Bakery

I saw the banner outside showing portuguese egg tarts but when I enter during lunch time, it looks like it just opened and the bread stall is partially filled with breads. It is a bakery cum cafe.

ilike this coffee bread. On the outside its covered in chocolate chips but on the inside has real chocolate cream.

I was attracted to its look. it’s like a soft chiffon cake with blueberry cream inside.

it’s labelled tiramisu but I felt that this is more of a cheesecake.Delicious.

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