West Coast BBQ seafood (ayer rajah)

West Coast BBQ @ ayer rajah food centre
closed on mondays
Open till late night

Always try the front rows of stalls in Ayer rajah but this time, I went to the inner rows of stalls. Have wide varieties of food available. I was here quite late at night but some stalls are stillopen.

Anyway, tried their sambal sting ray. It was great! Fresh and yummy! Price about $12 depends on the size of sting ray available. I was their last customer at 12 am. The lady was very polite and display good customer service. Even greets customer “Sir”.. (where can u get that kind of politeness in hawker centre? My first time..)

I just felt like eating fish only (like cat)so no room for other stuff in the menu. But will look forwaard to future visits insya-Allah.

My makan kaki ordered some roti john. It was nice. Served piping hot.Crispy outside and soft in the middle with tiny bits of meat. It was good for supper.The “‘orangey” mee siam also looks good..calling out to me to try but maybe next time…

Dont forget to order some teh tarek or teh ice….

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