Again i apologised for not blogging as frequent. Have not settle the technical difficulties yet and then i fall sick thus another setback. (ada hikmahnya) anyway, pardon my “weird looking photos” with pixel mmismatched outshaped and etc…esp the briyani gam below.

Need 2 more weeks, perhaps a new year resolution. or maybe I need to DETOX myself hehehe!

anyway, just fyi-xmas eve, carousel serve roast turkey during lunch buffet, i was told..so perhaps they still have it till new yeaar, call them up to confirm and dont forget to book, very important!

And not forgetting today makan sutra featuring ISTIMEWA nasi padang, the ikan pari seems HOT favourite that they failed to get them during lunch time, sold out! Istimewa Nasi Padang 28 Hoy Fatt Road Stall 3.

also, they feature sakuraya fish market on raw fresh fish on tuesday and friday freshly flown over by 11am is ready.the interesting part is tunabelly…hmm…read more here..

Also last but not least happy holidays!
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