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Roti John Originator….

Shukor stall makanan istimewa
Serangoon garden food centre

Roti john is widely famous in Singapore and Malaysia. But do u know where it originates? Right here in a little red dot, Singapore. Previously from botanic gardens aka taman serasi food centre and move to a serangoon gaarden food centre opposite CHOMP chomp.

Long,long time ago….
I was told that a caucasian man came up to this pakcik and wanted egg with bread and so this pakcik came up with Roti John! (fyi-John is the caucasian man name)Rcently, there is a book on food all over singapore and this famous roti john is one of them.

This is one authentic roti john that needs NO special sauce, mayonaise or any fancy chilli sauce. So shiok to eat it on its own. Crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Dont order the typical roti john (without any meat) but go to the meaaty version! Grrr!

Beef roti john $3.50

Chicken+cheese roti john=$4

It was so delicious that we order for seconds but different flavour, we asked for the chicken and cheese together (additional 50cents). It was GEREKlicious!

Eh, if u want to do the MAKANsutra do it yourself food trail, click here!!

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