kaafirs are najis?

Previously one of this blog visitor has mentioned to me that “kafirs are najis” thus have to avoid food served by them to ensure HALAL, in fact, he/she asked me to check my basics..and so I did… I refer the questions to MUIS…

Assalamualaikum an acquaintance recently told me this sentences which I do not understand and I hope you can help shed some light to the statement.

The sentence is “Non-muslim are nagis and thus we should not eat food served by them.” …I thought by following the MUIS HALAL guidelines and go to stalls that have HALAL certification is enough for me but i could be wrong. Is what he/she said true?

Are muslims only allowed to eat food served by muslims? If so, why HALAL certification needed? What does he/she meant by non-muslim nagis/najis? Najis meaning if we touched them, we must “sertu” or if we have ablution /wudhu and touch the non-muslim even of same sex, our wudhu will be batal? Is it another mazhab or…? I hope you can clarify for me. thank you very much.

In the name of Allah All Loving and All Living
Peace and Blessings be upon Sayyidina Muhammad and his beloved family.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Ms Putri,
We would like to applaud for your kind effort for turning to us for such uncertainty matters pertaining to our beloved religion.

The statement which brought up by a friend of yours is actually derived from one of the verses from the glorious Holy Quraan which states that the Musyriks (disbelievers) are najis.
But verily, the verse has got nothing to do with their physical body. The term ” najis ” in the Quran refers to their belief. They disbelieve the onenness of Allah S.W.T and thus continue to do syirik.

You can play your role as a Muslim to tell your freind the exact interpretation form this verse.
Islam commands us to consume halal foods. The matter is with the food and not the person whom serving the food. Hence, halal certification is a compulsory thing to ensure its lawful ingredients.

May this clarification assists you.
Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to write to us or can give a call from the number stated below.

Allah simply knows the best.

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