J.Co Donuts

I heard bout this DONUT from those who visited BATAM. They were crazy over it! So when I saw it in PAVILION KL, i just POUNCE on it..(errr, not really..i got to Q for 30 mins to get only meagre half dozen, just to have a taste)

Belgium chocolate donut is nice! U have to wait longer for these..

Inside there is a strawberry filling.

VERDICT: The donuts are very sweet, light and soft. Most of the donuts have fillings. Belgium chocolate is one of the more popular ones.I love them but prefer a bit denser donuts like DUNKIN DONUTS. I wonder how the POPULAR krispy kreme from US will taste like?
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3 thoughts on “J.Co Donuts”

  1. Puteri, Krispy Kreme is much much better than JC Donuts, hands down. I used to queue in their Harrods branch and they will give out freshly cooked glazed donuts. Hot, light, sweet. And best of all, no artificial aftertaste. You may not like it though if you like the dense version like Dunkin Donuts

  2. Hey, U are lucky!! Yeah, I heard so much about Krispy Creme .Some even brought back boxes (or is it cartons) on flight back from US but there isnt any franchise here…so sadz..

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