Firdaus eatery

Hougang ave 8, blk 644

Previously was called BEST PRATA and then later taken over by indian muslim. I love their hot piping soft pratas and their fish curry. SHIOK! They made it fresh for u only when u order, so wait 5-10mins. Their pata kosong (plain) also soft. Is the mamak from malaysia? hehehe..I know Malaysians made great soft prata koosong.

opposite , there is chinese coffeeshop called new york or something (blk 632). The indian stall also has nice pratas. Before the “birth” of firdaus, i often tapow the pratas with added fish curry and let it soaked on my journey home. Then WOW! Eat shiok..the pratas has soaked and soggy with curry goodness.

The sardine curry puff is nice too. Though not “delicious looking”. It was red spicy and sedap plus this is the first time, I saw hardboiled egg pieces in sardine curry puff.

eh, STUDENTS in uniform, get DISCOUNTS!!

fyi-Nurul, S’pore idol contestant once featured this eatery as one of her favourite makan place and its near her flat.

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