Chai chee noodles so BAGUS! part 1

Updated: 5/10/08, so sadz, this stall is no more….there. Where are u, my abaloney?

Location: BAGUS foodcourt @ IMM building (3rd storey, i think)

I was searching for the BAN MIAN noodles as someone said that is good…but cannot find (dunno why, it was right behind me, camouflaged by the yong tahu stall) so i decided to try Chai chee noodle. It was a good chooice! We tried abalone noodles and minced chicken meat noodle. We opt for the dry version where the soup is separated. The abalone is authentic enough. 4 slices but I still cannot believe it! Possibly pacific clams?Or other higher grade seafood? Because abalone is very costly, and this ah-pek give us 4-5 thick slices of abalone. And its not the vegetarian ones. Hmm… But for sure the slices are yummieer than the abalone I had in Newton which cost about $30 for few tiny thin slices.

The noodles are springy, the fried dumplings are SHIOK! The combination is GREAT! And not forgetting the meatball soup that came along. It was tasty!

So for those who wants to taste abalone, try this TODAY!! (heehee like advertisement)

abalone noodles

minced chicken meat with ball soup complimentary (nice soup!).. The fried dumpling is delicious! Can opt for a plate of fried dumpling.$4.

2 noodles =$7
VERDICT- must try the noodles here!

Another hot favourite in this foodcourt is the fruitty rojak. SSEDAAP! Got to wait a little bit longer…
$3 fruitty rojak with charkuey

p.s: some pics are blur because no flash used (all BANQUET foodcourts forbids phototaking)..*ssshh.

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