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Cahaya stall at Far east plaza

Far east plaza
Tel: 67348434
This is one of my favourite food haunts during my school days.Back then, cahaya and puncak (beside) is one of the popular amongst youth. Every lunch hour, it will be packed with youngsters and workers. Difficult to get seats. But after years of not patronising this stall, I’ve decided to reminisces the past…

This time, the place is not as packed. Wonder why…
The place looks the same…not much changes except the prices.

Someone took our order. She looked familiar.Eh, this chinese auntie is the same auntie who took my orders many years back. She dont look aged at all. She look as young as years back, wonder what’s her secret…

The menu. click on image to enlarge.

Sotong char kuey and wantan fried crispily.Love the charkuey eaten with mayonaise but the wantan too crispy till “chao-ta” (burnt at sides).$4 a plate.Suggested by the stall aunty. average taste.

Hokkien mee was a thumbs-UP! Delicious..

Laksa looks appetizing but lack something. Taste ok.

This Hongkong noodles doennt look appetizing. We push it around not wanting to eat it thinking that it could be wrong order…hhee!But it was nice! Only that prefer more seafood/meat…

Roasted chicken rice is good. But no soup given, must order separately, why eh? Auntie suggested fish ball soup.Soup is not bad..
Overall verdict: it’s not as tasty as I remembered it to be…

2 chicken rice+hokkien mee+laksa+charkuey wantan+2 tea+2green tea+cofee=$28 (do the math! Food about $4-$5 each. Last time $2.50…hehhe! )

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  1. Hi….You should try the "JIMBA Mee"..its Crabmeat noodle served on hotplate. I LOVE EATING dat..maybe u shd give it a try too…heheh

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