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1) MUIS HALAL food stalls listing- previously as discussed,Recently, there are some of the restaurants /food stalls that have HALAL certificates displayed but cannot be found in the MUIS HALAL food listing. So as promised, I did email them and their reply is..

Our site is undergoing upgrading and we will soon have a new live listing of all Muis Halal certified eating establishments, Products etc. For the time being if you require to know if any of the outlet is Halal certified, you may wish to loom out for the Halal certificate displayed in the outlet. Kindly verify the Name, Address and the Date of expiry. Should you find anything unusual, please do not hesitate to contact us. We once again thank you for your feeow bldback and we certainly rely on good muslim volunteers to inform us of any shortcomings they may notice, this infact will help us perform our duties better.

For your info, we have already engaged partime Halal Inspector to help conduct survelliance of our Halal certified premises. The new Halal Directory will be released early next year.”

So insya-Allah, the database will be updated soon… If suspicious/was2, just email them to reconfirmed.

2) Im experiencing some technical problem .So late replies/slow blog updates is expected. Will try to rectify ASAP. But dont stop those yummilicious recommendations/tips/reviews/queries @ the coffeeshop talk aka shoutbox. Keep them flowing…

thank you and have a great day!

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