Teh tarek coffeeshop @ geylang/haig road

This is another place in Geylang where u wont be disappointed by the wonderful delicious array of food served.

Ages ago, have tried their lamb plus beef steak and chicken combo. Not bad. okeylah nice.Quite cheap..I think for all 3 only $8 (i think) in hotplate.

SPaghetti +chicken cutlet+cabbage in coleslaw =$5.50
Spaghetti and sauce (taste like comes from bottle/canned) , the coleslaw is a bit bitter because of lack of mayonaise and its bitter cabbage. But the chicken CUTLET is so SHIOK!! Crispy outside and tender juicy inside! POWER!! Not covered in breaded crumbs which i dont really fancy but flour. Love it! Since someone said that the harbour front is not as nice anymore, this probably replace that…

The chicken rice is very nice too! (after being disappointed recently, this sure adds the smile back on my face!) They also have chicken rice rendang, chicken 4 rasa (4 taste chicken), black pepper and lots more…

This chicken rice stall sells my favourite porridge. Got to be number 1! I like the chicken porridge which has soft groundnuts in it. But this is beef porridge with soft tetelan kind of meat (the chewy shiok part) and u can opt for egg to be included all mixed up (but be prepared for the eggy smell). I like the mini bits of rice like blended kind of porridge. Sedap…power!

The man will slowly heat it up for u and add the items like egg on the spot only when ordered . So u will have a nice hot porridge. YUMMY!!

The gado2 is nice. The vegetables are crunchy and fresh. I like the strong smell of cekur.

Drowned them all in this delicious nescafe ice blended with ice-cream topping!Or just typical ice teh!

p.s: the seafood stall also sells cheap and good chilli crab, I think 1 crab about $12…nice..

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