Taiwanese moshi at NTUC

This is red bean moshi. Nice, smooth filling..

I like this sesame moshi and its filling best. The outer texture is soft plus crunchy sesame seeds both black and white and the soft liquid filling of sweet sesame paste. YUMMY!

Peanutty smooth fragrant(i dunno what is the thing that gives out this fragrance) filling. Very soft chewy texture. So shiok!

Moshi is one of my favourite dessert/snacks. It is chewy and soft like “tepung gomak” but much softer. They use glutinuous flour and had many kinds of fillings. Normally can find HALAL ones during mooncakes festival in Malaysia but not anymore.

Recently there is TAIWANESE food mini bazaar in Commonwealth NTUC fairprice. I was just browsing the food looking at the snacks. Then I saw some with TAIWAN HALAL logo and they are also vegetarian. One packet cost between $3-$4.

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