Shiok chicken and beef steak curry

Thought this to be the thick filling chocolate SARA lee kinda cake, but its very, very light like those pandan cake only chocolate flavour. To me , SARA lee is nicer.(note: only some SARA LEE cake is HALAL certified Australian logo)

This place is recommended by Corporal degil. (thks!) The last time I visit here was 2 years ago. The curry was very dark brown and thick almost blackish colour and so SHIOK! The curry is not like indian kind of curry but Malay kind of curry. (dunno how to describe, me not racist..hehhe!) Once eaten with the crispy roti peranchis aka baguette soaked in the heavenly curry and just melts in your mouth. The chicken meat is tender. Last time i did not get to eat the beef steak (not western beef steak but indian mamak kind of beef steak) because they have different alternate days between chicken and beef.

But after 2 years…
They sell both chicken and beef steak on the same day. Lunch hour is still as busy.(try to get there 12pm after that will be packed!)The bread is not as crispy toasted as before but bigger. They used to serve the bread in mini basket. Not anymore. The curry is not as POWERFUL and thick dark brown like before but still nice.Previously is POWERFUL! Now one grade lower. The beef steak is full of thick beef brisket and tender. I like the gravy. It looks like curry unlike mamak beef steak which is normally tomato red. But I like the beef steak. Nice.. i think the price is about $3.50. u can opt for rice or bread.

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