SASA restaurant in Pasir Gudang

Sasa Restaurant
Location: Pasir Gudang Town Complex (my own translation of “Komplek Pusat bandar Pasir gudang”)

One of the Johor places that I came upon by chance is SASA. Went there around 10.20am. Feeling very hungry as usual, saw this large restaurant in one of the town centre (i think) in Pasir Gudang thus decided to give it a try. Furthermore the place look clean and spacious.

The food was arranged like a buffet but its not.Everything looks so GOOD! Dunno what to choose. Hunger exceeds vision. Everything want to wallop but luckily did not. Or else, I need to run around the “racing tracks” in Pasir Gudang to lose some unwanted weight.heheh!

Everything is self service..take the rice as much as u want and the dishes as much or little or whatever that u want. Then the cashier will come over to calculate everything for u. What I noticed is that in Malaysia, “EAT FIRST , pay later..” but so used to being Singaporean, we like to pay when the food is served then felt at ease to eat or else forget…then they have to chased us.hehe! Habits die hard..

It was a great decision! The food is WONDERFUL! Got lots of dishes such as bbq fish, fried fishes, chicken, snails (siput lemak) , lemak pucuk (vegetables in coconut) , DELICIOUS fresh asam fish and lots more….(see pics below)

Kuehs for breakfast like sambal baos/pows, bananaflour fritters/jemput2 pisang, donuts..

Mee Soto and mee rebus corner

Total for 4 persons is about SGD9 (plus 4 hot drinks which tasted good and 8 pieces of very soft shiok jemput2 pisang/banana flour fritters) Quite WORTH IT!!

p.s: there is a roti canai corner (aka roti prata) but I only see it after I finish my rice. It was secluded in one remote corner. Malaysians have a flair of creating soft roti prata kosong…miss my chance ..but insya-Allah will visit again.

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